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    Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley Spirits
Steps Up In The Community!
2020 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Vol 1, Issue 1, Jan 14, 2020 Find your Senator and District
Younger Vets Mission to Change
the American Legion from Within
Vol 1, Issue 2, Jan 25, 2020 Survey For Nebraska Vietnam Veterans
Memorial Foundation
Exposure to jet fuel, not just noise,
contributes to hearing problems
Vol 1, Issue 3, Feb 7, 2020 Coalition Briefing of Nebraska Veterans Commission Feb 8th, 2020
Benefits For Veterans Interested
In Becoming Farmers Or Ranchers
Vol 1, Issue 4, Feb 20, 2020  
TRICARE Pharmacy Co-payments
to Increase Starting Jan. 1, 2020
Vol 1, Issue 5, Mar 1, 2020 Beginning Farms and Land Transitions Workshop - Fremont, Nebraska
Defense Bill Funds Space Force and Pay Raises Vol 1, Issue 6, Mar 7, 2020 Response to Senator Tom Brandt on LB153
  Vol 1, Issue 7, Mar 10, 2020 White Paper on Tax Incentives on Military Pensions
    White Paper on Nebraska Taxes
    Big Red Challenge 2020 The Railyard Lincoln
    LB153 - Change provisions of taxation of military retirement benefits
    Coalition Briefing of Nebraska Veterans Commission Oct 28th
    White Paper - Retention Of  Nebraska Veterans

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